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Limex Technology is a leading IT company that has fanatically deployed multifaceted projects by satisfying hundreds of clients from India and other countries across the world. We have been recognized as the best developing PHP based websites, content management sites, e-commerce solutions and other web applications. Thus, Hire PHP developer from Limex Technology and reap the benefits of superior quality at affordable costs.

Why PHP?

If you want to be a successful web developer, you must invest some time and learn PHP from a professional institute. It is a language which is really simple to learn and work with practically all the operating systems like windows, Linux, MAC and others. The best part is, even if you are a non-programmer, you can grasp this language easily and rapidly without any problem. PHP commands are simply embedded with the simple and easy HTML tags. PHP commands are executed on the server to deliver high quality interactive web pages.

Complete PHP Syllabus


PHP Fundamentals

PHP.ini Configuration File

Basic Syntax

Mixing PHP and HTML

About Comments

How To Design Page

Form Creation in HTML

Tables in HTML Etc.

Basics of Php

Quick Start for Programmers

PHP Language Overview

Variables, Datatypes, Operators

Escaping Special Characters

Conditional Statement


If Statement

Switch Statement


For Loop

While Loop

Foreach Loop

Loop Control (break and continue)

Nested Loops


Function Definition

Function Scope



Arguments and Return Values

Indexed Versus Associative Arrays

Identifying Elements of an Array

Storing Data in Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays

Extracting Multiple Values

Converting Between Arrays and Variables

Traversing Arrays


Acting on Entire Arrays

Using Arrays


Form with Php

Form Processing

Review of HTML Forms (check boxes, text fields, radio buttons)

Retrieving Form Data

The GET and POST method

Submitting to Itself

Regular Expression

Validating User Input with Regular Expressions

Intro to Regular Expression Metacharacters

Verifying Email Addresses, ZIP code, Phone Numbers, Credit Cards

PCRE Functions


Quoting String Constants

Printing Strings

Table of Contents

Accessing Individual Characters

Cleaning Strings

Encoding and Escaping

Comparing Strings

Manipulating and Searching Strings

Regular Expressions

POSIX-Style Regular Expressions

Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions

File Handling

Files and Directories

Read and Writing Files

Working with Directories

Working with CSV Files

About File Permissions

Mysql Database

Introduction to SQL

Connecting to the MYSQL

Selecting a database

Finding out about errors

Adding data to a table

Acquiring the value

Finding the number of rows

Inserting data

Entering and updating data

Executing multiple queries


Ascending and Descending Sorts

The WHERE Clause and Operator Symbols

Checking for Equality

Checking for Inequality

Checking for Greater or Less Than

Checking for NULL


The WHERE Clause and Operator Words

The BETWEEN Operator

The IN Operator

The LIKE Operator

The NOT Operator

Checking Multiple Conditions



Order of Evaluation

Sub queries, Joins and Unions

Sub queries


Table Aliases

Multi-table Joins

Outer Joins




Inserting, Updating and Deleting Records




Managing Data

The anatomy of a cookie

Setting a cookie with PHP

Deleting a cookie

Creating session cookie

Working with the query string

Creating query string


What is session

Starting a session

Working with session variables

Destroying session

Passing session Ids

Encoding and decoding session variables

Introduction to Sessions and Cookies

Password-protecting Pages


Objects and Classes in Php

Inheritance & Access Modifiers

This & Scope Resolulation operators

Class constants,Parent ,Self

Static Members & Static Methods

Final Methods & Final classes

Abstract Method & Abstract Classess

Exception Handling

Try & Catch

Throw & Throws

Custome Excepetions


Css With Php

How to put Css in Php Coding

How To create Css File



About Javascript and version

Variable in Javascript

Javascript operator

If else statement

Switch statement

While Loop

Do while Loop

For Loop



Error Handling

Event Handling

Javascript Objects

Window Object

Document Object

Date Object

String Object

Math Object

Array Object

Custom Object



How to Create Database and Tables in Server

How To Manage Server


How to Update Files on Server

How To upload Site on server


AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

Introduction to AJAX

Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object

Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest

Application of AJAX in web application

Ajax and PHP

Work with SetRequestMethod

Some Ajax examples

Enquiry Form

Image gallery

Check user existence


Admin Panel

Project Overview

Analysis Project Module in Logical terms

Design Project Module in programming terms

Design client side and admin side

create admin login & logout

change admin password

create category,edit,view and delete

create subcategory,edit,view and delete

create products,edit,view and delete

Searching products

Viwe Users,

How to Block or unblock users

Client Side

show category

show product category wise

work with pagination

Live chat

search products



Joomla Introduction

Drupal Introduction

WordPress Introduction

Cake Php Indtroduction

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