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Limex  Technologies offers professional web site maintenance in India. Web site maintenance service basically refer to your web site up to date in means of company news, latest developments, investor relations, company financial results, new project deals. Website maintenance is quite vast. Website maintenance includes all aspects of web site designing and website development, which includes the browser compatibility, is one of the most important topics in this. The corporate architecture of your website design and elements handling.

Website maintenance includes editing text, photos, services, products, etc or changing existing web pages to keep your website up to date. How often to update varies greatly from business to business. It can be as little as once every couple of months to as much as daily updating, depending on your needs, whether you’re selling products or services, etc.

Most organizations are increasing moving their systems to internet and with search engines providing lots of new business, the investments by any company in their website are increasing daily.

Our services include:

Home page changes
Inner Pages Content changes
Adding or maintaining links
Company news updates
Adding new pages to the website
Adding new interactive components to the website
Modifying content and graphics
Product details changes for your shopping cart
New Product additions to your shopping cart
Pricing changes for your products
Maintaining your complete shopping cart
Updates to your calendar
Site “makeovers”
Employee details changes
Sending your newsletter to your clients
Designing newsletter for your company
Registration updates with search engines