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Success is all about exposure, so plan for marketing well before go live

Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Services

Limex technology has designed and developed websites that receive millions of users via many marketing sources. Our internal marketing team partners with design firms, PR agencies, external consultants and market research firms to create a perfect environment for your business to grow online.


Our Web marketing team excels at getting our clients great search engine rankings. We optimize Web sites using search engine optimization techniques with lasting effects. Recent studies have revealed over 80% of Web traffic utilizes Google or Google-powered search engines, we use Google as our benchmark for all search engine optimization campaigns.

Our search engine optimization experts have developed revolutionary techniques for presenting a Web site’s content to search engines. These methods break away from most traditional development protocols, without having to hide any content or use tactics frowned upon by the search engines.


Targeted HTML E-mail newsletter campaigns are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to increase customer retention and repeat sales while keeping in touch with your existing customer base. Anytime a new product or service is available through your Web site, you can inform your customers immediately. It’s as easy as sending an email!



Pay Per Click search engine placement is the only guaranteed way to hold top placement in the search engines. Anyone who has the budget and is willing to spend what it takes to be #1, can be. These results are immediate and will bring targeted traffic instantly.

We have experience in establishing and maintaining effective cost per click campaigns on all of the major search engines. Our specialists will give you an analysis of your keywords and competitors to determine which Pay Per Click engines could be the key to driving increased, targeted traffic to your Web site. We will also study your return on investment by each keyword to better optimize your campaign and maximize your marketing value.


The major search engines, including Google, now track the number of incoming links to a Web site in order to determine the Web site’s popularity. The Web site’s popularity is then given a corresponding Page Rank, which is used to help determine search engine rankings. A high Page Rank will not guarantee top placement, but it is a very important factor to achieving good rankings.

Our Web marketing team finds and establishes alliances through link submissions and link purchasing which generate strong link popularity and Page Rank. We can find industry related, but non competitive, Web sites that will welcome your URL to their Web site, thus boosting your Page Rank and increasing your search engine rankings.